First one

So, here it is. Welcome to my personal World Wide Web internet page! Available right here on the information superhighway! Also, did you know that the internet is a series of tubes?

Isaac Asimov
(I’m not that old, I swear)

Anyway, I’ve heard that people usually put some kinda intros on their first blog pages, so let’s try that. I’m Ixion (previously known as Manual), a junior developer in his twenties, and my hobbies include dabbling in infosec, making LEDs go blinky-blinky and screaming at computers until they start working.

Riveting, I know.

I’ve created this blog to document some of my various findings in technology. It’s a notepad that I can go through if the need arises, and maybe it’ll also help other people too. Expect an opinion or two every once in a while, as much as I enjoy ranting on Twitter I gotta give my followers a break sometimes.

Something else that you may find interesting is that this website is using GitHub Pages. This means that I don’t have to worry about infrastructure and load speed, but it also means that this website is also gonna be pretty bare in terms of features. I’ll add an RSS feed and maybe a few other things at some point later, but don’t expect any advanced features like a search bar for now. All of this is just static content that’s hosted in a git repo.

2020 UPDATE: I’m now using Hugo with Cloudflare caching (Hugo is awesome and you should totally try it btw.) This website is entirely static HTML, CSS and JavaScript with no server-side processing anywhere to be found, which also makes it lightning quick behind a CDN.

Now that’s the future!