webOS: how to disable the screensaver in your LG app

I’ve recently made a web app for my LG OLED TV, and I’ve encountered an issue where the TV would constantly be showing the fireworks screensaver every 2 minutes or so, even while the app was playing video. After spending hours researching this, I’ve finally discovered the solution, and it ended up being as simple as using an undocumented (AFAIK) API endpoint.

Web apps

You can register on this Luna URI: luna://com.webos.service.tvpower/power/registerScreenSaverRequest

Include the following payload:

    "subscribe": true,
    "clientName": "AnyValue"

When the screensaver is about to start, you will receive the following message:

    "returnValue": true,
    "timestamp": "1388518297",
    "state": "Active",
    "instantBoot": "on"

To prevent the screensaver from starting, reply by sending a message to luna://com.webos.service.tvpower/power/responseScreenSaverRequest with the following contents (use the timestamp you’ve received previously):

    "clientName": "AnyValue",
    "ack": false,
    "timestamp": "1388518297"

Code sample

var bridge = new WebOSServiceBridge();

bridge.onservicecallback = (msg) => {
    message = JSON.parse(msg);
    if (message.state = "Active") {
        bridge.call("luna://com.webos.service.tvpower/power/responseScreenSaverRequest", JSON.stringify({
            "clientName": "myWebApp",
            "ack": false,
            "timestamp": message.timestamp

bridge.call("luna://com.webos.service.tvpower/power/registerScreenSaverRequest", JSON.stringify({
    "subscribe": true,
    "clientName": "myWebApp"

Native apps

Use SDL_DisableScreenSaver and SDL_EnableScreenSaver.